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Competition Category Details
• The 6th Dish;
• With at least 2 main elements,
• Must use fruit, contrasting in textures and temperatures;
• The prescribed number of 30 portions must be respected. Points will be deducted for insufficient quantities.

Judging Requirement
• Competitors are allowed in the competition area 10 minutes before the start of competition to set-up their working table;
• Can use whole fresh fruits and vegetables ONLY, can be in any size or quantity;
• Products can be cleaned but not peeled; (small cuts may be made to check the quality of the products);
• The use of toothpicks, wood skewers, supports, textiles and other decoration materials practically used to enhance the display is allowed;
• The use of decorative elements such as artificial flowers, earth, sand, stones, ribbons, beads and similar is prohibited. Such elements can only be made of fruits or vegetables;
• Any advertising or religious element included in the designs is not allowed;
• Competitors are allowed to use their own tools or equipment, need to place all equipment, excluding the water bucket, on the table; organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any brought-in tools or equipment;
• Any electric tools are not allowed;
• Competitors must finish their carving and assemble their displays and clean their work station, remove all waste and tools from table within the 90 minutes’ competition time.

Kitchen & Serving Plates
• The kitchen for the competition is well-equipped and is visible to the public
• All individual competitors are requested to perform in clean and tidy working clothes
• Kitchen furniture and physical inventory are to be handled with care. Each individual competitor is liable for missing equipment
• Hygienic and accurate safe work will be judged as well as the state of the kitchen after performing.

In case of breach of the above mentioned rules the respective teams will be penalized with a deduction of up to 10 % from the maximum potential score

Judging Points
Design & Composition                                                                
Technical Skills & Degree of Difficulty                                       
Creativity & Originality                                                                    
Mise-en-place & Hygiene  
10 points
30 points
10 points


50 points
Highest Score of Each Composition                                          100 points

The prescribed number of 8 portions must be respected.
Insufficient quantities are penalized by a deduction of points


The respective award will be presented to competitor who attains the different international standard:

100 Gold Medal with distinction and diploma
99.99 – 90.00 Gold Medal and diploma
89.99 – 80.00 Silver Medal and diploma
79.99 – 70.00 Bronze Medal and diploma
69.99 – 60.00 Diploma

Chines Cuisine World Championship – Category Awards
Single Round, Team Competition
The Champion:  Ranking due to the average points of cumulative points of the 6 courses of each team.

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