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Competition Category Details
• The 1st Dish;
• 30 appetizers/starters;
• With at least 2 main elements;
• Can be served warm or cold, or a combination of both;
• The prescribed number of 30 portions must be respected. Points will be deducted for
insufficient quantities.

Judging Requirement
• All garnishes and cravings must be edible;
• Vegetables and fruits may be washed, peeled and pre-cut, but not cooked;
• Pasta and dough can be prepared but not cooked;
• Fish, seafood or shellfish can be cleaned, filleted but not portioned or cooked;
• Meat or poultry can be deboned, fillet, cut and marinated, but not cooked
• Stocks may be brought in, but must be unseasoned and unreduced;
• Sauces can be brought in, but must be seasoned and cooked in competition;
• Dried ingredients may be pre-soaked and brought in, but must be seasoned and cooked in competition;
• Can use chicken powder, ready-to-use sauce; cannot use artificial coloring or chemical (such as MSG, Emulsifier, artificial flavor)

Kitchen & Serving Plates
• Kitchen furniture and physical inventory are to be handled with care. Each national team is liable for missing equipment.
• Each kitchen is equipped with (4) plug sockets of 220 volt. The team can bring additional small equipment but need to declare and seek permission from the organizer.
• Organizer will arrange for standard individual portion serving plates and bowls, all white in color, for all the teams. A full description of available plates/bowls will be provided at later stage for team selection. Teams may choose to bring their own small items to serve their special dishes; no extra marks will be awarded.

In case of breach of the above mentioned rules the respective teams will be penalized with a deduction of up to 10 % from the maximum potential score

Judging Points
Mise-en -place & Work Station Hygiene
Correct Professional Preparation
(Hygiene/Working Skills, Techniques/Kitchen Organization)
  Presentation & Creativity
10 points
30 points

10 points

50 points
Highest Score for Each Course                                                 100 points

The prescribed number of 8 portions must be respected.
Insufficient quantities are penalized by a deduction of points


The respective award will be presented to competitor who attains the different international standard:

100 Gold Medal with distinction and diploma
99.99 – 90.00 Gold Medal and diploma
89.99 – 80.00 Silver Medal and diploma
79.99 – 70.00 Bronze Medal and diploma
69.99 – 60.00 Diploma

Chines Cuisine World Championship – Category Awards
Single Round, Team Competition
The Champion:  Ranking due to the average points of cumulative points of the 6 courses of each team.

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