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Venue Safety & Hygiene Instructions
Important Notes
1.As the competition venue is a temporary setup to simulate, to the maximum extent, the operating conditions of a real kitchen, based on fire safety requirements, some regulations will be stricter than the usual kitchen safety regulations and fire safety requirements. Certain cooking methods and conditions will not be possible. All teams would already have been fully informed during registration, and made reasonable adjustments and adaptation.

2.During registration, the Team Captain must sign the Safety & Hygiene Letter of Responsibility to ensure assumption of responsibility upon entering the hall to arrange and manage the team’s safety matters, such as water and power usage, heating and cooking, and to ensure compliance with the operational requirements for food hygiene on proper processing of all ingredients.

3.For Live Cooking categories involving the preparation of raw side dishes, such as cold cuts, salads or fruits, Teams must comply with the restaurant hygiene regulations for disinfection and handling.

4.Teams must provide health certificates from relevant bodies during registration and shall complete appearance check while preparing for the competition, including personal hygiene and no jewelry or hair accessories. Surgical gloves must be worn when preparing and cooking food.

5.Trauma doctors and emergency medical kits will be available on-site. In the event of cuts or accidental injuries, the captain shall immediately inform the on-site staff for professional doctor to perform the necessary first aid treatment. Failure to comply with procedures will result in forfeiture of the entire team’s points.

6.During site familiarization, the Team Captain and all members shall fully understand the structure and usage guidelines of the workstation, fully understand the water inlet/outlet points and power sockets as well as the proper use of the oven and induction cooker. During the competition proper, technical staff from the equipment supplier will be ready to assist on-site, to prevent unauthorized use of equipment due to lack of understanding, such as overloading or usage violation.

7.Each workstation will be equipped with a standard kitchen waste recycling collector. The Team Captain shall keep the worktop clean at all times, and reasonably manage operational processes for cold and hot as well as raw and cooked foods.

8.During the competition proper, no other personnel besides the participants are permitted in the competition area. Entering and exiting the competition area requires a valid document for identification.

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