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Kitchen Equipments

Equipment to be shared
1. Combi ovens
2. Ice cream machine
3. Vacuum machine
4. Ice machine
5. Slicing machine
6. Salamander

Other equipment teams can bring in are
1. Thermal circulator
2. Stick/hand blender
3. Cooking pot & pan
4. Small deep fryer
5. Small utensils, tray, spoons, ladles tongs, strainers
6. Hygiene and cleaning items, sanitizers, sprays, sponge scouring pad, paper
towel, etc.

Basic equipment that will be supplied per kitchen
• Double-end Electric Wok x 1
  (with Double-ear Stock Pot x 2)
• Storage Rack for Food Items x1
• Double-end Induction Cooker x 2
(with Frying Pans x 4)
• Wooden Ladles x4,
  Long Handle Spoons x2
• Freezing (Cold-storage) Work Bench x1 • Stainless Steel Clamps x2
  Rubber Scrapers x2
• Up Right GN size Refrigerators x1 • chopping blocks x6
  Sets Knives x3
• Stainless Steel Work Benches x3
• Deep Pots(one big and one small) x2
  Stainless Steel Long Trays x4
• Double Slot Washing Pool x1

• Rolling Pin x1
  Hammer x1
  Food Steamer x1
• Electric Pressure Cooker x1

• Plastic Cling Wrap x1
  Roll of Aluminum Foil x1
  Fresh-keeping Boxes x4
• Microwave x1

• Towels x6
  Masks x6
  Disposable Gloves x10
• Juicer x1

•  Kitchen Paper Towels (for cleaning oil/water) x2
   Kitchen Wipes, Liquid Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Cleaning Liquid, Tissue x1
• Handleheld Eggbeater x1 • White Plates
• Small size Electronic mixer x1 • Soup Bowl
• Electric Cooker(volume>10L) x1  

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