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2017 About the Event
Event Name: Chinese Cuisine World Championship 2017
Date: Aug 30-Sep 1, 2017
Venue: Culinary Zone, E3 Hall, China International Exhibition Center(NEW), Beijing, China

Endorsed by: World Association of Chefs Societies
Organized by: China Cuisine Association
Hosted by: Koelnmesse

Competitor Format
Appetizers/Starters, Hot Soups, Seafood Main Courses, Meat Main Courses, Starch Course, Desserts

Competitor Groups
Team Competitaion – 1 team leader, 5 chef members, 1 assistant / replacement chef
Competition Pattern- Single Round, Team Competition

Competition Categories
Appetizers/Starters - 5 chef members & 1 assistant chef
Hot Soups - 5 chef members & 1 assistant chef
Seafood Main Courses - 5 chef members & 1 assistant chef
Meat Main Courses - 5 chef members & 1 assistant chef
Starch Course- 5 chef members & 1 assistant chef
Desserts - 5 chef members & 1 assistant chef

Competition Scale
No more than 20 teams from different countries and reg

Judging Format
Ranking due to the average points of cumulative points of the 6 courses of each team.

Judging Criteria
The international jury panel consists of WACS approved international judges and Chinese judges, following the WACS culinary committee approved rules
Completion of the registration the participant (team) accepts the conditions of participation.

 About Organizer
China Cuisine Association was founded in 1987 and is registered under the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. It is a nation-wide industry organization voluntarily joined by private and public enterprises and units, different levels of industry organizations, social groups, catering industry executives, experts, scholars, chefs and relevant hospitality experts, who are involved in the work of catering industry operation, management, cooking, restaurant service, catering culture & education, culinary theories, food nutrition and research.
The World Association of Chefs Societies, or Worldchefs, is a global network of chefs associations founded in October 1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris. Today, this global body has 93 official chefs associations as members that represent over 10 million professional chefs worldwide. Worldchefs is a non-political professional organization dedicated to maintaining and improving the culinary standards of global cuisines through education, training and professional development of its international membership. As an authority and opinion leader on food, Worldchefs represents a global voice on all issues related to the culinary profession.
 About Host
Koelnmesse is the leading trade fair organizer in the food industry and related sectors. Trade fairs such as the Anuga, the ISM and Anuga Food Tec are established world leaders. Koelnmesse not only organizes food trade fairs in Cologne, Germany, but also in Brazil, in China, in India, in Japan, in Thailand, in Turkey and in the United Arab Emirates. These global activities enable us to offer our customers a network of events, which in turn grant access to different markets and thus create a basis for sustainable and stable international business. World of Food Beijing is a strong
member of this successful trade fair family.
 Supportin Associations
  American Chinese Culinary Federation
China Hong Kong Chefs Association
China Macao Chefs Association
Taiwan Formosa Chefs Association
Korea Chinese Cuisine Association

The Chinese Cuisine World Championship (CCWC) was founded in 2015 by China Cuisine Association. This authoritative competition is the only international level competition for Chinese cuisine certified by the World Association of Chefs' Societies. It aims to build a platform to promote the exchange of Chinese cuisine and western cuisine, and promote the spread and development of Chinese cuisine worldwide.
International rules and judging criteria will be applied to CCWC. Renowned and Worldchefs-certified judges will judge the competition. The main theme of the competition focuses upon the international fusion between Chinese cuisine and western cuisine based on the basic elements of Chinese cuisine, and adheres to the principle of orientating the competition works to restaurants consumption. By these conceptions,we would like to build a Chinese-style culinary competition and exchange stage that all chefs (including Chinese cuisine chefs and western cuisine chefs) admire.
The competition is held annually and alternate between team and individual competition. CCWC 2015 was a team competition. CCWC 2016 was an individual
competition, and CCWC 2017 will be a team competition from August 29-September 1.

Competition Dates
Reporting Date: Aug 28, 2017
Competitor & Judge Briefing: 2:00Pm, Aug 29, 2017
Competition Date: Aug 30-31, 2017
Award Ceremony: 10 am, Sep 1, 2017

Fair Opening Hours
Date Team (Move in) Visitors (Opening Time)
Aug.30 07:45 10:30 – 17:00
Aug.31 07:45 10:30 – 17:00
Sep.1   10:00 10:30 – 16:00

In accordance to the WACS standards, the following prizes will be awarded according to points scored:
100 Gold Medal with distinction and diploma
99.99 – 90.00 Gold Medal and diploma
89.99 – 80.00 Silver Medal and diploma
79.99 – 70.00 Bronze Medal and diploma
69.99 – 60.00 Diploma

International Jury
. The international jury panel consists of WACS approved international judges and Chinese judges, following the WACS culinary committee approved rules
Completion of the registration the participant (team) accepts the conditions of participation.
. All registration is to be completed online via www.ccwc2015.com
. Completion of the registration means the participant (team) accepts the conditions of participation.

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